3 Reasons to hire a wedding videographer


Video often isn’t a priority for couples planning a budget wedding. Those of you looking for somewhere to cut back will likely consider videography, and ask yourselves, “Why do I need it?”

The short answer is, you don’t. You also don’t need flowers or an open bar, favours or an expensive dress. All you really need to get married is an officiant, a marriage licence, two witnesses and someone to spend the rest of your life with. 

But if you’re planning a ceremony and reception to celebrate your wedding with your favourite people in the world, you should consider getting a videographer. And here’s why:

1. To share the day with those who couldn’t make it

The first wedding we ever shot was for a bride whose father lived on the other side of the country and was too ill to travel to the wedding. She wanted her wedding captured on film so she could share it with her dad when she visited a few weeks later. We got some wonderful footage of the bride’s brother with his dad video chatting on his iPad, saying hi to everyone at the wedding, and the best man had some lovely things to say about him as well. Our first video was far from perfect, but to this day, it never fails to make me tear up. The emotion is real in that one. 

Whether you’ve got family and friends who can’t make it to the wedding because of previous commitments, or they’re too far away to attend, a video is the best way to share every moment of your special day. 

2. To keep the memories alive for your children and grandchildren

I remember looking at my seating chart a week before the wedding and realizing that all of the people who meant the most to me—both sides of my family, my friends from university, my friends from work, as well as my in-laws and everyone who meant so much to my husband—would be in the same room for the first and, let’s face it, only time. 

Years later, it will mean so much to our kids to be able to hear the vows we spoke to each other. I wrote vows for my husband’s then-7-year-old son, which I’m sure he’s completely forgotten. I hope to be able to show him again in the future when he’ll appreciate it more. 

3. We’ve got skills!

In the fall of 2017, we shot a wedding where the maid of honour gave an amazing speech, complete with Disney parody song at the end of it. No one knew it was coming, including us, but we were ready and filming anyway. A few days later, we heard from both the bride and the MOH making sure we got it all, because although the MOH’s father was filming it on his smartphone, many of the lines are drowned out by laughter and cheers from other guests. (You can watch her amazing performance on the video to the right—skip forward to 9:08.)

Professional video includes clean audio recorded right from the microphone and synced with the footage to create a quality film that you’ll watch for years. (Side note: these two are SO much fun, and we can’t wait to film their wedding in late 2018!)


Whether we’re the ones who have the pleasure of filming your big day or you go with another vendor, we urge you not to miss this opportunity. Don’t forget the words of wisdom from your grandparents, the adorable dancing from the kids at the reception, and the unscripted moments of joy in your ceremony.