About eksena films

This may be the only time in your life that people will encourage you to make a scene--and you can count on Eksena Films to be the chief instigators.

Founded in 2016 by Dennis Reyes and Lindsay Reyes, Eksena (the Filipino word for "scene") is on a mission to capture the memories in your life that you'll want to live over and over again. Whether it's the moment you say "I do", a child's birthday, or an epic party still PG-rated enough to share with your grandma--we want to be there for it all. 

Contact us at shootme@eksenafilms.com





I love dogs, true crime, and Dennis. You can find me on a warm day with my hair up, camera in my hand and gin in my drink. I dream of being able to travel the world more than just a week at a time, with Colombia, New Orleans and Africa high on the list. One of the best meals I’ve had was eating tacos on Pacific Beach in San Diego, with my husband and our friends by my side. Seriously, give me a taco and a Mexican Coke beside the ocean and I’m in heaven.

My background is in English Literature, and I used to be a voracious reader, before we started this business and before I discovered podcasts. My now-defunct book blog, Sailbooks, was named for my love of sailing (with someone else at the helm—I’ll learn one day) and the ocean. You can see that influence in Eksena’s new logo, in the sailboat with the Filipino sun and stars peeking out from behind.

I’m incredibly grateful to have found this creative medium that satisfies me so completely. Filming, editing, marketing, running a business, and interacting with clients requires a unique mix of skills and demands a personal touch. An artist must put all of herself into her work, or it’ll ring false.

Our retirement plan is to own a beach bar somewhere sunny, with a grill and some picnic tables. We’ll spend the winters there, and come back to Canada for wedding season. But for the time being, you can still book us for your winter wedding (we love winter weddings!)

I’m an open book. People who know me know I’m terrible at keeping secrets, mine or anyone else’s. I may look mysterious in this picture, but just ask me anything and I’ll answer.



I was born in Manila, the Philippines, and moved to Canada when I was 21. I’ve always been athletic, playing basketball, soccer, and training in Muay Thai at various times in my life. My background is in food service, and I’ve worked in commercial kitchens since I was 18 years old, including a year-long stint on a cruise ship. I enjoy experimenting with new recipes and flavours, especially when we have guests over to taste test for me. We are lucky to have become good friends with a few of our clients who’ve been generous enough to trust me with this task.

My son, Lennox, lives in Montreal and visits often. We love playing videos games, and getting outside to play basketball and throw the frisbee around with Lindsay.

I used to photograph weddings but I don’t enjoy directing and posing people. I like capturing the action as it happens, which is why videography is a much better fit for me. We’re storytellers, who enjoy using movement, light, and audio to create a film that captures it all.

But I still love photography, and you can see that in our work, and in someone of our blog posts.