When we first met Lisa + Anand, we thought they seemed a lot like us, their relationship a lot like ours. Their wedding really seemed to reflect who they are, with their venue packed full of hundreds of people who love them and came to celebrate their marriage. Both of the planned performances to surprise each other, including the groomsmen in a choreographed Bollywood dance, Lisa’s breakout dance with her dad, and Anand’s serenade mashup of their favourite songs.

Their faith is centre point in their relationship, and I think it was well represented in the film. The respect that both of their families feel and show toward each other is really touching, and the faith they share is a part of that.

Lisa and Anand are so incredibly well-suited for each other—theirs is a true partnership in every sense. It was an honour to witness their vows, and their heartfelt expressions of love through performance. Congratulations to you both. xo