Liliana + Raz | Mayan riviera, cancun, mexico

This film was more than two years in the making for us. When we started this business in 2017, Liliana and I connected because I was looking for a makeup artist for my wedding, and I offered her an engagement film in exchange for her services. Little did I know, she and Raz had started making plans for the wedding before getting formally engaged, and the ring they picked out had come in a few days before our shoot, so he surprised her by getting the proposal on video. (You can watch that film below)

Spending that day and many others with them, hanging out with Lily on the morning of my wedding, and inviting them to our wedding was amazing, but nothing compares to spending a week with them and 50 of their closest family and friends. Getting to know all their favourite people for a week before the wedding day actually made our job easier, because everyone was comfortable with us and the cameras by that time. We filmed nearly everything in Mexico—beach days, excursions, rehearsal dinner—and made it all into a kick-ass travel video for them, which you can also watch below.

It’s been a pleasure to tell their story, and guys, whenever you do that reunion trip, WE’RE THERE. Love you xoxo