Krystal + Paul| August 24, 2018 | Sue ann staff winery, Niagara-on-the-lake, ontario

A little behind-the-scenes insight, for a moment: After a wedding, Dennis and I often have a long-ish drive ahead of us. We even have a Spotify playlist called “Keep me awake” that we made specifically for these drives. The Friday night after Krystal and Paul’s wedding was no exception, since we were driving from Niagara-on-the-Lake to Whitby, where we were staying to make our early morning drive to Peterborough the next day for another wedding a little easier.

On these drives, we spend the time reflecting on the day: the food, the experience working with the photographers, what we liked and didn’t like about the venue (there’s always something in each column) and what made the day stand out from all the other weddings. On this drive in particular, the first thing we both agreed on was that our favourite part of this wedding was how Paul spent the whole day looking at Krystal like he’d won the f*cking lottery.

And there was a lot to love about this wedding. We have a soft spot in our hearts for Niagara weddings (looking at you Brittany and Alex, Jess and Rob, Jessa and Kevin!) I have family who live nearby, and we appreciate the opportunity to spend some time with them in the area (and also their generosity in putting up with us each time we’re in town). We love first looks, gorgeous bouquets, and tent weddings, as well as vineyards and lawn games. We’re spoiled for choice here.

Congratulations to you both. We wish we could film your wedding all over again. xo