One of our biggest challenges is getting our couples to feel comfortable enough in front of our cameras to let their natural selves shine through. We only had the opportunity to meet Gill and Richard once a few weeks before their wedding, but they were sooooo natural together. Their ability to tune out everything else and focus on each other is enviable and they just looked so HAPPY.

And as much as we try to get to know our couples, nothing compares to hearing the personal stories and anecdotes from their loved ones. Gill and Richard’s friends raved about their kindness, generosity and the support the show to everyone around them. Wedding truly are a love story, not just one about the couple, but about families coming together, a celebration of friendship and a chance for all of the people they care about to be in the same place at the same time—that might seem like a small detail but it’s huge (it was for me).

Congratulations to you both. We’re so happy you’ve found each other, and have claimed each other. xo