Lily and Raz’s epic week in mexico

This was the trip of a lifetime—for us, and all of Liliana and Raz’s guests. Nevermind that we didn’t know many of them before the trip. We sure as hell knew them by the end. Seven days in a sunny paradise dancing, drinking, eating, swimming and laughing makes strangers into great friends.

It’s hard to narrow down a favourite moment. Floating in Xel-Ha’s blue lagoon? Watching Lily and Raz promise themselves to each other in a stunning beachfront ceremony? Or getting a front row seat to an epic lightning show on the beach later that night? Call it even?

It’s always a little staggering to be present for so many beautiful wedding vows. Throw in the waves, the salty air, tequila, and dancing on the beach with a thunderstorm in the distance lighting up the night sky, and this day was pure magic.